Niedermeier Design

A World Bank report on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) uses data to explain the challenges ahead

An Update on Universal Health Coverage

In late 2017, Niedermeier Design was approached by The World Bank (in partnership with the Government of Japan, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF) to design a report for the upcoming Universal Health Coverage Forum in Tokyo, Japan. In recent years, the world has advanced towards Universal Health Coverage at an unprecedented pace, however, progress has not been fast enough and many are still being left behind. At the present rate, the targets identified for achieving Universal Health Coverage under the Sustainable Development Goals will not be met. After reading the report, it become clear that the numbers and narrative combine to tell a compelling and complex story. In support of our belief that data-driven design should take a less-is-more approach, the final presentation reveals a simple, elegant layout, allowing the reader to more easily observe and absorb information. This effort is further aided by the use of color gradients, clean typography, and a sensible palette.