Niedermeier Design

A logo designed for USA Facts, Steve Ballmer’s watchdog website that tracks government spending

USA Facts Logo

When billionaire and former CEO Steve Ballmer retired from Microsoft, and formed his philanthropic organization Ballmer Group, one of his first initiatives was to launch USA Facts, a new data-driven platform providing a portrait of the American population, our country’s finances, and government’s impact on society. Working with senior directors from Artefact—a design and innovation consultancy hired to build the website—Niedermeier Design was tasked with creating a logo that would eventually serve as a launchpad for developing the site’s visual identity. The wavy lines represent charted data, and their position within the contour of the United States follows the natural topography of the land—The Rocky Mountains out west, with the flatter Central and Gulf Plains in the east. To learn more about USA Facts, watch this video.