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A Theory of Change poster detailing Washington’s roadmap to eliminate race as a predictor of success

Racial Equity Theory of Change Poster

Commissioned by Thrive, the Racial Equity Theory of Change (RETOC) poster is the product of a collaborative community effort owned by early learning professionals in Washington, and details the state’s roadmap to eliminating race as a predictor of success. Thrive convened a group of over 100 early learning stakeholders in a year-long process, and developed the RETOC to inform the implementation of the Early Learning Plan. These meetings were designed to be a conversation between stakeholders from across the state, including parents, practitioners, researchers, and community leaders, as well as partners at the Department of Early Learning (DEL) and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Their objective was to closely examine the opportunity gap and how it manifests itself in the early learning system. To ensure this was seen as a truly statewide effort, the four building blocks that were identified created the perfect opportunity to capture a snippet of life from different parts of the state.