Niedermeier Design

Created for ORS Impact, these facilitation cards help teams design more effective workshops

ORS Impact Facilitation Cards

Located in Seattle, ORS Impact works alongside renowned social impact leaders, supporting their work to accomplish their missions. This set of 24 facilitation cards was created as a tool to help teams create more meaningful workshops, run more effective meetings, or find new ways to overcome group-related issues. Each card provides a different and practical participative activity that challenges participants by providing them with new and different ways to problem-solve. After studying the content, it became clear that a majority of the activities only require a few minutes of engagement. A design solution that complemented this fast-paced, group interaction made smart sense. The use of icons, and a straight-forward approach to the typography, allowed users to quickly and easily study the task at hand, and learn the objective. A modular layout, and the use of primary colors, yielded a sophisticated, yet fun, aesthetic, and the five categories—Assess, Energize Generate, Prioritize, and Share—were color-coded to simplify, and speed up, card selection. The finishing touch was sourcing DVD tins to house and protect the cards during storage.