Niedermeier Design

A fun and unconventional branding solution for the Office of Evaluation at The MacArthur Foundation

Branding Evaluation for MacArthur

The Office of Evaluation at The MacArthur Foundation was formed to gather information and provide input in support of program decision-making and measuring progress. They offer subject matter expertise and guidance which helps determine the best strategic direction for achieving optimum results. For them, evaluation is not a one time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process of collecting and analyzing data in order to maximize resource effectiveness, and involves working closely with leadership teams to identify a program’s information needs. In addition to creating the Office of Evaluation logo, there is also the brand’s signature element—a custom set of icons inspired by their process  and the large amounts of information they collect from varying sources in order to make good decisions. When combined, these assets form a distinct and recognizable visual vocabulary that can easily be applied to other collateral aimed at bringing awareness to their evaluation process.